The Dark Raven Chronicles

Every image in the Wildwood gallery tells a story, and together they weave an epic tale of magic set against a vivid backdrop of Victorian Britain.

Raven’s Wand is the stunning opening novel to The Dark Raven Chronicles, and can be purchased through Amazon to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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Book I of The Dark Raven Chronicles

It is late in the empress Victoria’s reign, and industry’s victory over the wildwood is all but total. But a few still resist . . . Hidden in their scattered and secret covens, witches like Kolfinnia diligently keep the spirit of magic alive. But their enemies are relentless. Sensing the last great mystery of witchdom, the power to reorder matter, is at last within their grasp, the Illuminata Knighthood make an all out bid to exterminate Britain’s last covens forever.

After enduring tragedy and war, Kolfinnia’s task is nothing less than to save all of witchdom. Her heart is broken and her allies are few. But she is not utterly alone. Just as witchdom places all its hopes on her shoulders, she in turn invests her faith and courage in a mysterious black wand with a mind and will of its own. Only this wand can rally survivors. Only this wand can guide a lone witch in need. Only Raven’s wand can save Wildwood.