Artwork: Death

The first of a pilot project to illustrate a Tarot deck entitled ‘Land of Giants’. The story is about all the small magical folk that live within the crumbling walls of an abandoned English manor house. Death is one of the 22 major arcana cards and has a meaning of transformation. This mysterious creature (death) is turning old diaries (finished lives) into works of art.

2 thoughts on “Artwork: Death

  1. Adrian

    I don’t know why your artwork resonates with me so much and at this point, I am too scared to ask.
    I love the story behind this piece! And your interpretation is amazing, distinct and fresh.

    1. Steve Hutton Post author

      thanks Adrian. The Death card is very misunderstood and is to do with new starts, so don’t worry if you’re drawn to it! I got the idea from a job I had long ago doing house clearances, and seeing people’s personal items just thrown away, such as diaries. If I were the relative I’d have rescued those things, but they were discarded and deemed worthless, which always struck me as sad. Death is making new things from the old, as we all get recycled in the end.


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