An Introduction to the World of Wildwood

Much of Wildwood is fiction, but not all. It is the late nineteenth century, magic is outlawed and somewhere in Northwest Britain we find a hidden coven, fifty-two witches in all. This is Wildwood.



Valonia is Wildwood’s chief witch. The coven’s fifty-two witches are divided into four seasons, each with a senior witch known as a Ward. A huge oak occupies the heart of Wildwood and Valonia’s humble dwelling rests in its branches. The tree is surrounded by gardens and from its height she keeps a close watch on her coven and the well-being of her witches.

Hethra and Halla

Hethra & Halla

The twin dragons are the witches’ deities. They rest within the earth and never awaken, instead they dream and their dream manifests as the Earth and all living things. Witches understand that we all live within this dream – proof that mind creates matter. Halla has scales of holly while her brother Hethra has scales of oak. Witches use spells of protection to keep their sleep peaceful and undisturbed. In the world of Wildwood, witches can be either male or female.



Whenever lightning strikes a tree a thunder-sprite is born. Young witches search for devastated trees where these elementals reside and if they can beat the sprite at feats of daring or riddles then the sprite becomes their partner. The witch then cuts a staff from the tree for the sprite to live within and the witch will use it as a flying staff powered by the sprite’s elemental fury.



It is said that only humans have souls, but witches believe all things possess souls, from pebbles to snowflakes. All of these souls are shepherded and protected by fays or ‘fairies’. At the end of its life each fallen soul, be it rock or raindrop, is escorted to Evermore by a patron fairy and so there are fairy species for beasts, trees, stones, berries, moonlight and all things in creation.

Knights Illuminata

Knights Illuminata

An ancient military force openly opposed to witchcraft, but who secretly steal magical secrets and corrupt them for their own profit. Aside from feuding amongst themselves the knight bloodlines actively hunt down witches and their covens.