Book II of The Dark Raven Chronicles out soon . . .


I’m very excited about the forthcoming publication of Flowers of Fate, book II of The Dark Raven Chronicles. With all the groundwork done in book I, Flowers begins at a fast pace and rarely lets up. The cast is streamlined, and the central hero is a lone witch rather than a coven-full, but I won’t say who, although the title gives it away. It’s her relationship with her thunder-sprite and journey of redemption that forms the heart of the story, contrasting starkly with the story’s virtually heartless villains. There was also time to introduce and explore deeper esoteric ideas, namely the nature of Ruination, which is often misunderstood, even by witches. Flowers also plays with the theme of freewill versus fate; can there be one without the other, or is choice an illusion? Thankfully these concepts are answered not by weighty philosophical ramblings, but with vivid characters, some human . . . some most certainly not. Flowers takes our witch right into the heart of Victorian London, where she meets monsters in human form and humans in monstrous form. There are fights between formidable creatures that are immune to weapons, assassins working on behalf of gods, spiders with a mastery of threads, secrets cults within secret cults, metal giants possessed by entities best not spoken of, demons that fall in love – or at least their twisted version of it, murders that The Ripper himself would covet, bank robberies by a Robin Hood-style hero, and of course battles between magic and steel, but woven on an epic scale.

It is my privilege to offer Flowers of Fate to readers very soon, and my thanks go to Books Illustrated for their tireless work and endless faith. Curling up by the fire with a copy of the book would be a fitting way to end the year . . .

4 thoughts on “Book II of The Dark Raven Chronicles out soon . . .

    1. Steve Hutton Post author

      hi Maria,
      sorry for the wait – but Flowers of Fate will be out as paperback this November. There are a few first edition hardbacks still available, but if you’re like me I find paperbacks more friendly to read (-: Flowers will be published alongside ‘Lion of Evermore’ this November. Lion is the third and last book of the series, and will also be available as a paperback. Again – sorry these haven’t been offered before now.
      happy ready!
      best wishes
      Steve H

  1. Laura Lauff

    Dear Steve, I’m reading Flowers of Fate to be ready for the next book that comes out soon. I just looked at the inside of the book jacket to see the signature plate and saw the reviews printed there. I saw the name “Jasmine Dragon” and my heart started to beat in shock! The review that I gave on the first book is used on the dust jacket of the second book! Thank you for that surprise. Bless you and Bless Dark Raven Chronicles.

    1. Steve Hutton Post author

      hi Laura – much as I’d like to take the credit for that, it was the publishers who selected the reviews to put on the cover pages, I’m just happy you said such good things about the story! Steve (-:


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